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ReMedium TI™




What is ReMedium TI™?

ReMedium TI™ is the only anti-microbial product that is registered for injection into citrus trees for the control of HLB or Citrus Greening. ReMedium TI™ is patent pending.

If I plan to use ReMedium TI™ Should I use an IPC? (Individual Protective Cover)

Yes, an IPC is a valuable tool for protecting a tree that is too small to be injected with ReMedium TI™. An IPC is the most effective tool to protect a recently planted tree from being infected with HLB until it’s large enough to inject with ReMedium TI™.


Should I inject a non-bearing tree after the IPC has been removed?

Yes, you will want to treat the non-bearing tree with the label rate of ReMedium TI™ and you can treat up to twice per year. This should protect the replant tree from the effects of Citrus Greening and keep it healthy as it becomes a bearing tree


How soon after I remove the IPC do I need to start injecting ReMedium TI™?

No later than 5 to 6 months post IPC removal as long as the trunk is at least 1.25 inch diameter.  ReMedium TI™ will likely be injected into non-bearing trees for 1 to 2 years with twice a year injections at non-bearing citrus label rates.


What is a non-bearing tree?

A tree that is not going to be harvested within 12 months.


How do I determine the amount of ReMedium TI™ that should be injected in my trees?

The amount of ReMedium TI™ to inject is determined by the measurement of the tree trunk. Trunk diameter measurement is taken just above the bud union, above the taper from the rootstock bench, but below the flair-out where the branches begin to fork. This measurement is used to determine the label rate.


How do I determine the concentration of the ReMedium TI™ mixture?

Mixture concentration for trunk size of greater than 1.25” on non bearing trees is 1,100 PPM

Mixture concentration for bearing trees with less than 75% of normal leaf canopy is 5,500 PPM.

Mixture concentration for healthy trees and full canopy (usually after tree recovery related to ReMedium TI™ injection has progressed) is 11,000 PPM.

Once ReMedium TI is mixed, what is the time frame to use?

Mix and use within 48 hours.

What is the average cost per acre or cost per tree of ReMedium TI™?

The cost of a ReMedium TI™ injection varies depending on the trunk measurement of the tree. Cost Table for different trunk sizes at 5500 PPM solution below:

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 12.40.29 PM.png

Cost in table is approximate and may vary from dealer to dealer.

Cost per acre can then be calculated by knowing the mix of trunk size and tree counts per acre.


What is the labor cost to Inject the trees with ReMedium TI™?

Costs to inject trees are going to vary but should be in a range of $ .90 - $1.50/tree for labor and equipment depending on how you choose to run your crews and do your injector retrievals.


What should I use to inject ReMedium TI™ into my citrus trees?

FLexInject™ is the label recommended injector for ReMedium TI™. FLexInect™ is a patent pending injector.


What are the special features of FLexInject™?

FLexInject is designed to protect the ReMedium TI from chemistry breakdown due to exposure to UV light and heat. FLexInject™ is produce from UV protecting materials and the design allow the chemistry contents to be insulated from rapid temperature changes that could reduce efficiency of the ReMedium TI™ chemistry


What is the cost per injection device?

Average cost is $18.


How many uses per injection device?

Each device should have 100 – 200 uses life expectancy.

What are the benefits of using the FLexInject™ device?

FlexInject™ is engineered to be easy to use, easy to fix, and provide long term performance. FlexInject™ is manufactured in the USA and is designed to allow a citrus tree to intake ReMedium TI™ at the metabolic rate of the tree. FLexInject™ does not force the ReMedium TI™ into the tree and that increases product efficiency.


Is there training available for use of ReMedium TI™ and FLexInject™?

Yes, training is available at no cost. Contact your ReMedium TI™ Dealer to set up a training session at the location of your choosing. (See our Dealer Page).

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