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ReMedium TI   Purity


Purity Matters

HLB Overview

HLB (Citrus Greening Disease) is caused by a phloem-inhabiting proteo-bacteria, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (Clas)

HLB is the most damaging disease of citrus, with symptoms including:

     • Reduced tree health and vigor

     • Leaf chlorosis, tree canopy and root biomass

     • Reduced quantity of yield

     • Reduced quality of yield, both internal and external

     • Increased fruit drop

     • Misshapen fruit

HLB Management

Currently, no citrus management program has been able to stop HLB from ravaging citrus groves. Current management practices include:

• Increased insecticide applications to control the vector (psyllid)

• Due to a decline in tree health, increased pesticide applications to control other pathogens

• Increased tree population density

• Increased foliar fertilizer and liquid fertilizer chemigation

ReMedium TI™

• Novel trunk injection anti microbial

• Dissolved in 1.8-2.0 water buffered with
   muriatic acid

• Stabilizes Oxytetracycline and allows
   uniform distribution throughout the tree

FLex Inject™

• Pressure Fluidized Latex Injection device      for trunk-injecting ReMedium TI™

• Acid Resistant & reusable

• Volume flexibility allows for one hole, once
  per year on bearing citrus

Tree with HLB
Tree with HLB Treated with ReMedium TI™

ReMedium TI   Purity Provides Terrific Results

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