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Hello! My name is Tom Johnson, and I have been developing products for the agriculture industry for over 40 years. My wife, Gail, and I have developed companies, sold companies, and now we are starting a new venture, TJ BioTech, LLC.


TJ BioTech, LLC. is a recent company, but the product development within has been going on for a number of years. Products in our pipeline range from live microbiology seed treatments to in-furrow and foliar molecules that increase plant efficiencies to antimicrobials that control bacterial plant diseases.


Many have asked why we would get back into the work of developing new products for agriculture. The answer is pretty simple: I love Agri-Business and the people involved in agriculture. On top of that, there are challenges facing agriculture that need answers. With God’s help, we believe we have the right team of people to provide at least some of those answers.


A good example of an agriculture industry challenge is Citrus Greening (HLB). This disease has devastated the citrus industry in Florida, and for that matter, around the globe. Our team at TJ BioTech has developed, tested, and will soon release, ReMedium TI®, an antimicrobial that controls the bacterial cause of HLB withing the vascular system of citrus trees. ReMedium TI will be the only product in the marketplace that is truly effective in controlling this devastating disease.


TJ BioTech has additional products nearing release that will combat other agricultural challenges, such as reducing the impact of high fertilizer prices.


And what about compatibility of more than one microbial active on seed? It is known that not all microbials get along with each other. We have a solution for that.


The list goes on. In short, I am excited to be expanding our presence in agriculture. I am also very grateful for the great team of people we have to get this job done. In addition, I am grateful for the full acceptance the people in agriculture have shown for these new classes of products.


Hang on, but I think this is going to be fun.



Tom Johnson



Tel: 605-878-3301

2832 9th Ave SW #22

Watertown, SD  57201


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